Inside Me

Inside Me 12 000 players competed face to face over a GSM network to kill 4 000 000 bacteria, up to 4 players online do battle for survival! or watch trailer

Bunker 3D

Bunker 3D Our first J2ME mobile game, one of the most popular games in the former Soviet block countries, with exceptionally strong sales for 3 consecutive years. or watch trailer


Meat2Eat The first comic styled mobile FPS game, thanks to its incredible gameplay mechanics we have won a number of awards! or watch trailer

Antikiller Mobile

Antikiller Mobile Official Game of the Motion Picture, with its powerful physics engine, graphic and special effects, it closely resembles GTA1 and GTA2. or watch trailer

Laboratory 3D

Laboratory 3D The second installment of the Bunker Trilogy, with the more advanced graphics engine, a very fast paced FPS. or watch trailer


Fatality Over 1500 hand-drawn frames of animation for 7 distinct fighters, 4 hellish dynamic arenas, an original soundtrack and horrific fatalities! or watch trailer


Spermotoxic An arcade game with a multiplayer leaderboard based on classic biology and with Freud in mind:) or watch trailer

Castle 3D

Castle 3D The final chapter of the highly acclaimed Bunker Trilogy, a mobile FPS game with a World War II setting. or watch trailer


Ruletko A fun and simple game, play Russian roulette with your friends or play versus famous TV characters. or watch trailer