Having started our journey during the last millennium, our company had to adopt and shift course on more than one occasion. We took up projects that many considered impossible. Sometimes we lost, but more often we won, and this gave us the strength to innovate and move forward!

It has been said that there are no truly unique ideas left, but we know that it is always possible to make something much better, more interesting and more convenient. Progress is measured in small steps. Sometimes a big step can be an evolution of an existing product, where a small change can bring about a revolution. The more revolutionary the product, the higher the risks. Realizing this, we are willing to take risks, if the idea has the potential to be revolutionary!

At the heart of all that we make, there is love. Love for competition - we throw challenges to companies with much greater resources than us. Love for creation - we breathe design, because this is the only way to create a truly superior product. We love harmony - where a balance between creativity and technology leads to something more than just code and graphics. This is a birth of a new product that can change people's lives for the better!

The most valuable part of our company are our people. With a talented team, we can create a truly great product: a game that will have a special place in the hearts of gamers; an application that will change the habits of its users and help solve their problems. Our company is a single living organism, we each know the importance of our role, and are open to new ideas and experiments. Because all great things were once considered impossible, and their authors were viewed as dreamers...

Something big is coming!